Join the magic!

Shift-Lock is not an average coverband, but style, class and pure adrenaline! Their dazzling show takes you from the early seventies on to the ninetees 'till the latest hits of the moment.

Shift-Lock creates unique medleys which will enthuse you from the beginning 'till the end. Watch, enjoy and dance your heart out at one of our next shows or book us now for your festival, park night or company party!

Shift-Lock consists of six top musicians. Since 2006, they work hard to play a unique show and every time they succeed to create a memorable and professional experience. Do not miss their shows !


Our top musicians

"Miss Teriously"  - lead vocals

"Lynn Duijvewaardt

"Miss B" - lead vocals

Bente Pauwels

"Mister G-string" - guitar

"Bouke Cools

"Mister Deep Down Under" - bass

"Lieven Gijs

"Mister Master of Sounds" - keys

"Niels De Ceulaer

"Mister Backbeat" - drums

"Jesse Steurs